Today, I'd like to share with you photos of gorgeous Scandinavian inspired home of New Zealand designer.  I love her home.  She uses monochrome palette of black, white, and grey with subtle touches of nude or rose pink. It helps her to create a true Scandinavian style. Her house is full of natural materials like wood, wool, marble, and metallic. I like her String shelving system which is in her main living area. It provides the perfect place to display books, arts ,ceramic.

Do you like this mix of simplicity and minimalism?! Enjoy!

Today inspiration is Scandinavian inspired family home. I just can't get enough of looking at wonderful Scandinavian interiors and their stunning décor. Scandinavian design has so much to offer. I am sure that it can inspire anyone who need some innovative decorating ideas.

So what do you love about these below interiors?

Have a lovely day.

Photo source: Adore
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Do you believe that Summer is already coming to the end? Do you believe it is already September? Sunflowers make me think of the end of summer.  They are the cheeriest flowers I know. What do you think?
I strongly encourage you to see the spring/summer 2014 ad campaign of Louis Vuitton, called ‘Spirit of Travel’. It is SPECTACULAR!
Once you see it you’ll understand my one-word comment.
It was shot in South Africa by legendary fashion-photographer Peter Lindbergh.
It features models Karen Elson, Edie Campbell, a variety of handbags and a giraffe. 
The luggage has been expressed to suggest something?! Maybe to express the adventurous and free spirited souls of the future generation traveler?! What do you say?! I’m curious….

Photo: Tara Whittaker by Style me pretty
Photos: Sparklepetal
Photos: Aron Snow via Style me pretty
I have a wonderful find today. Bloomingville has launched their autumn winter 2014 catalog. Below you can look at few images from their new catalog. How amazing source of good inspiration?! How nicely styled is every photos?! Their new collection is filled with ceramics, textiles in delicate palette, metallic and geometric details. You can check out the online catalog here . Just feast your eyes on this amazing collection.
I love the vases and the blankets and I will add some to my collection as soon as possible!
Wonderful, don't you think?

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I love summer.  The summer weather is sooooo enjoyable! It is just asking you for participation in numerous ways.   My philosophy for this summer - a perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken…. And….. one that’s why I think about spending more time outside/outdoor …. Where you can spend more time outdoor? Maybe garden? Garden can be one of the most magical places in your life. The very act of planting, of beginning of new life from seed, is ritual and magical act in itself. What do you think about a picnic in the garden, a leisure moment with lemonade, sandwiches and books, of course, or garden tea party. If you don't have a garden then simply bring a picnic basket to the nearest park! Please, join me and experience the magic of garden…

Photos: Ikea
The sun is shining and flowers are in bloom. Summer is just around the corner and everyone is anxious to spend a lot of time time outside. So to get you in the summer mood, here are some great ideas to get your patio ready for this summer. Create a comfortable place where you can sit down and relax with lots of cushions, plants and candles for when it gets darker. What’s nicer than working in the sun?! Keep the space inviting.
Enjoy and have a fabulous summer!
Photos: Petra Bindel
Photo: dominstil
Photos: Madam Stoltz
That is the way to camp on the beach in style ...
Quite recently a group of ladies on the camping trip gathered in San Onofre, California, to enjoy the sunshine on the beach. The beach camping trip was organized by fashion company Free People. The set up on the beach was just amazing. The driftwood teepee was built by stitching it together with crochet rounds and neon string. It was lined with a cloud of blankets and handmade pillows.  The teepee surroundings were signage made of driftwood and seashell mandalas in the sand. Magical! You could see the long seated table made of rough planks where guests dined.
The Free People claimed that their reserved tike hut with a handmade banner was died in pink and stitched with sequins with nice painting. It was now Free People wander land where all could make friends, dream together and laugh…. Mystical…. What a dream!

Photos: Chrissy Piper and FP Naomi  (FreePeople)

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